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Seattle Rover


The Seattle Rover represents the best traditional concepts, with the latest computerized design techniques, emphasizing the advantages of modern materials and methods of fabrication but avoiding the trend toward unnecessary gadgets. She is a traditional classic steel design of the highest quality, with precise, detailed drawings that have been Coast Guard approved for carrying passengers for hire.


The remarkable success of the 57' schooner Trade Rover, the first sailing design to be approved for carrying freight for hire by U.S. Coast Guard since the great days of sail, resulted in a comission to develop a similar but larger schooner capable of carrying passengers in the summer months and freight during the off-season.


Rover Marine Lines has been deeply involved in working sail. The only vessel to receive a U.S. Government grant for sail power is a Coast Rover, a Merritt Walter design. Of course, we also maintain a commitment to the cruising sailor. Consequently, the Seattle Rover provides appointments for the most discriminating yachtsman, within a traditional hull form that is driven by a classic schooner rig, and retaining an old-world charm.

Since she is designed for work as well as play, a cost-effective concept is essential. No compromise in strength, sea kindliness or sailing ability has been made. In developing the scantlings, which are based on ABS rules for vessels under 61 meters, special emphasis has been placed on shapes and weldments for ease of construction and corrosion prevention to reduce initial and long-term costs.

For the owner intending to charter the vessel, two layouts are available. The day sailing charter arrangement calls for open access to all parts of the boat except for a discreetly positioned private head, shower, and bunks for the owner. For the more common charter voyages of several days' duration, double cabins with semi-private head and shower have been carefully worked into the design, a feature not found on any other charter vessel her size.

The cargo carrying version has been developed for a husband and wife team operating the boat and living in aft quarters. Although the cargo hold is shown from station eight to station one, the forward platform area is planned as machinery space when a refrigerated hold is required.

The Seattle Rover set of building plans are drawn 3/4"to the foot, with the table of offsets computer faired. There are twelve detailed, precision-drawn sheets. Details almost never found on yacht plans such as wiring diagrams, piping plans, steering details, etc. are included. She is a beautiful vessel, capable of being built for a very reasonable cost.

The Freedom, St. Augustine, FL


Schooner Wolf
The schooner Wolf in the Florida Keys


Schooner Yankee
Yankee in the Florida Keys.