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Bonny Rover


The Bonny Rover in steel is a third generation design. That is, the hull form, rig, arrangement, etc. have evolved through building and sailing two previous Rover Marine designs. Each generation has incorporate subtle changes through thousands of hours of planning and engineering calculations, after observing sailing quality and live-aboard accommodations. The result is a handsome, fast, roomy, comfortable, yet relatively economical to build live-aboard, blue-water yacht - a tall order for any vessel.

Each time the Bonny Rover leaves her slip, she commands a following intent on viewing her gracefulness under sail, thereby affording ample opportunity to compare her sailing qualities close at hand with a side spectrum of production boats. Under the four lowers, she tacks without help form anyone aboard, save the helmsman. Balance is so exact that the wheel can be left unattended of hours on end.

All lowers are self-tending except the jib sheet, which is belayed each side of the cockpit. By the end of several tacks, the Bonny Rover is ahead of and to windward of the run-of-the-mill production fiberglass boats. Yes! She does point well. The nonsense about windward ability attributed to gaff rigs by many designers and articles in popular magazines is base on just plain ignorance.

The aluminum spars make for easy sail setting, as well as being virtually maintenance free. They are made of standard 6061T6 aluminum tubing, with tapered wooden plugs; painted buff, with white trim, the rig is extremely picturesque.

The hull form has a fine entrance forward with an easy run aft and good initial stability for carrying a full press of sail. For those more technically inclined, curves of form are available for a complete picture of stability through 360o as well as the various coefficients.

Shell plating is of soft chine construction, using a combination of multiple chine and conical development which makes all plate lie to the frames without distortion.






Bonny Rover, in both name and design.

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