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After five years of glorious cruising on the Dismal Swamp Canal and the Pasquatank River between Chesapeake Virginia and Elizabeth City North Carolina the Bonny Blue made her last run 22 July, 2007. She is the last commercial vessel to operate this, the most famous canal in the United States.

The Bonny Blue was designed by renowned Naval Architect, Merritt Walter, to capture the ambiance of the 1920's style plumb stem inland waterway steamers. Renamed The Moonlight Lady and taken to Burlington, Vermont, she will be doing overnight trips on those famous waterways.

And, to our friends of the Dismal Swamp Canal, what happened to the illustrious Captain, his first mate, Commodore Seaweed, and the rest of the crew? ... Richard is now a fireman, Kylie is off to college, and the cabin boy is scooping ice cream until school resumes in the fall. Commodore Seaweed claims he performs at the piano in Carnegie Hall. The Captain and first mate have taken up residence south of Jacksonville, Florida, on the Saint John's River. They still enjoy the sailor's life aboard their Bonny IV Rover and new-found friends.


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