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Merritt built his first boat when he was about seven years old. The "keel was laid" using the door from his parent's basement. After breaking a hole in the lake ice in his native Michigan, he embarked on her maiden voyage.  She did not float well.  Not at all, in fact.


By the time he was fourteen his boats were much improved, and by his early twenties were taking on some sophistication - like oars and sails and stuff.


After college Merritt joined the Navy then transferred to NOAA. He eventually retired from his life at sea with many adventures from deep sea diving to wreck hunting to ship's captain.


Retirement brought him the opportunity to return to boat design and building.  Merritt has created a niche with his 'Rover Schooner' designs, which now ply the world's coasts taking passengers for hire.


Merritt wants to cruise in comfort and visit America's waterways, meeting new friends, seeing new sights. The Bonny Blue was designed specifically for like-minded cruisers. Welcome aboard! The blue peter is flying.

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